Talk Tuesday #1: Introductions are in order

I figured I could start things off with a proper introduction to all of the people who probably won’t read this. My name is Morgan, I have two very large but beautiful kids, I mean cats, and a wife of two and a half years (we have not hit the point in our marriage where half years don’t matter anymore). I am 22, very white, European/Irish/whoknowswhat, currently blond, 5’5″, socially awkward and I smile too much (I always say it is because my teeth are too big for my mouth). My wife was born and raised in the Philippines. We are both in the military. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I am an amature writer, artist and language enthusiast so we will see where that goes …


And pictured below are the other two loves of my life. Purebred, 19 month old, very sassy Norwegian Forest Cats. We named them Reyna (grey) and Anghel (black & white), which means Queen and Angel in Tagalog (fillipino).



We also have the extreme pleasure of living in North-Eastern Italy. It is an ongoing love-hate relationship that we have been living for the last two years. Two more years to go before we go back to the home-land. Here is a picture of the view off of our terrace, one of the things I do love about this area.


Pictured above is the vineyard behind my house and the Italian Alps.

As it is past my bedtime and I have to make an early trip to the airport that is where I will leave it. Goodnight all!

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