The Great Banana Bread Experiment


This is the easiest and best banana bread recipe. It's super moist and bursting with flavor. The recipe is also easily adaptable and comes out perfect every time.
Photo credit to, I have tried her banana bread in the past and really enjoyed it.

Flat out, all around amazing baked good. It can be eaten for breakfast, as a snack, as dessert, with tea or coffee — it can be made in so many variations —  add in options are limitless, such as chocolate, nuts, coconut, matcha, dried fruit… — it can be topped with cinnamon, glaze, frosting, chocolate, sprinkles, ice cream, yoghurt, fresh fruit — it can be made into cheesecake, regular cake, muffins, cupcakes, or it can be the base of other desserts and, at the end of the day, a warm fresh piece of banana bread with a little butter is food for the soul.

When I was a child, banana bread was a staple in our household. My mother didn’t like things to go to waste. So whenever bananas would start to brown they would go in the freezer for repurposing. My dad enjoys experimenting with food as well and he spent a few years perfecting his banana bread recipe. I remember it as a child, fresh out of the oven with walnuts. He prides himself in mainly using the banana as the main sweetener and liquid, excluding the water, and adding just a touch of cinnamon for the perfect combination of flavours.

I felt like it was my duty, as an avid baker and banana bread enthusiast, to perfect my recipe as well. Throughout the next couple weeks, I am going to make six different kinds of banana breads and rank them best to worst (worst in this case still being good because it’s banana bread).

All recipes will include cinnamon, dark chocolate chunks ( because I believe chocolate is a necessity and dark chocolate goes with just about any kind of banana bread I could think up and i prefer dark chocolate because it isn’t too sweet) and it may or may not include a kind of nut depending on my mood (I don’t believe the addition of nuts will alter the taste too much). I also will not serve improperly cooked bread if for some reason it burns or doesn’t cook through.

The rating scale is from 1-5 Bananas (overall rating), I will also rate on texture, convenience in baking and how long it keeps. I will also have two or three others rate the breads for an outside opinion.

So join me in my baking journey and The Great Banana Bread Experiment.

Happy Sunday